The Canyon at Night

My dad and I went camping in the Grand Canyon this past weekend. He helped me take some magical pictures of the night sky. This is a f5.6 at 3 minutes. :) The fuzzyness of the stars is actually from their own rotation and movement during the course of the open shutter!


A Prayer for the Innocent

Troy Anthony Davis was killed by lethal injection by the state of Georgia at 11:08 p.m. EDT last night, despite widespread doubts about his guilt. The execution occurred shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to stop the execution. Democracy Now! was the only news outlet to continuously broadcast live from the prison grounds last night, where hundreds of supporters Troy Davis held an all-day vigil in Jackson, Georgia. Today we hear the voices of Troy Davis’s sister Martina Correia, hip-hop artist Big Boi, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, Ed DuBose of the Georgia chapter of the NAACP, two members of the Troy Davis legal team, and more. We also hear from journalist Jon Lewis, a witness to the execution: "[Davis] said to the family [of slain police officer Mark MacPhail] that he was sorry for their loss, but also said that he did not take their son, father, brother. He said to them to dig deeper into this case, to find out the truth... And then he said to the prison staff, the ones he said 'who are going to take my life,' he said to them, 'May God have mercy on your souls.' And his last words were to them: 'May God bless your souls.'"-Excerpt from Democracy Now

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Today in the Garden

 Bunny fence..


Hell and Reason

"Peace is the only combat worth waging. This is no longer a plea, but an order that must rise from a people to their governments, the order to choose once and for all between hell and reason."
Albert Camus

Glenwood Ave. Art Festival


daniel and the lion - fall 2011 tour

Daniel and Jimmie made screen prints of the album cover for their posters. I am very excited to see them! Follow them here.

Flute Player

Sunday in the Garden

Peter and I worked in the garden in Sunday. We always wind up there longer than we expect. The harvest is rolling in nicely now though, and we find ourselves giving lots away!

Exquisitely Woven

Your body is my prayer carpet,
For I can see in your eyes
That you are exquisitely woven
With the finest silk and wool
And that pattern upon your soul 
Has the signature of God
And all your moods and colors of love 
Come from His Divine vats of dye and Gold.

Your body is my shrine. 
If you had the eyes of a Pir,
You would see Hafiz
Kneeling by your side, 
Humming playful tunes
And shedding joyful tears
Upon your wondrous hidden Crown.  

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