"The reward of the search, is to go on searching..." ~St. Gregory of Nyssa


Desert Light

  The desert comes to life when the sun goes down.


I shall be released.

Amid the hustle and the haste..

And here is a really great song :)


Sneak Peek "We Are the Awakening"

  Can't wait for the show! Such talented folk!


new dawn

  I'm feeling a lot of good things about this new year. I am uplifted as I recognize that most of the energy I find around me is filled with visions and ideas of positive change.


CAll FOR ART "We Are the Awakening"

An art and music show to support the growth of a generation that is “waking up” and creating ripples in the world around them

“They tell you we are dreamers...we are not dreamers, we are the awakening”
-Slavoj Zizek at Occupy Wall Street

LETS GO Chicago is looking for artists interested in the themes of revolution, community, connectedness, social justice, peace, sustainability, spiritual awakening, consciousness, and love to participate in an art show that brings to light the efforts of young people to build a restorative movement for a better world.  As we find ourselves growing deeper and deeper into a world of resistance, we recognize the fuel behind the movement is a strong desire for something better and more beautiful. Every day, young people around the country are engaging in efforts to bring this world into being through the creation of alternatives and solutions. WE ARE THE AWAKENING is an event interested in depicting the efforts of these young visionaries and capturing the vision and spirit of what’s to come.

WE ARE THE AWAKENING is an art show/fundraiser to support Grand Aspirations, a national youth leadership development organization dedicated to helping youth create green initiatives in local communities throughout the United States. The Show will have two openings at the B1E Gallery in Rogers Park on Wednesday the 18th and Saturday the 21st.

If you are interested in contributing work for this event or interested in preforming, please contact Molly Costello at mollyccostello@gmail.com for more information. Digital submissions are due by January 9th. Physical pieces are due Januay 14th.


Molly Costello
Program Leader | LETS GO Chicago <http://letsgochicago.wordpress.com/>
Artist and Designer | www.mollycostello.com
E-mail: mollyccostello@gmail.com
Cell: 714.745.8558