Friday at Metropolis

If anyone is free this Friday I will be having an informal "opening" at Metropolis Coffee House from 6 to 8 pm. Come hang out and drink delicious coffee! :)

"Through my work, I focus on ideas of connectedness... connectedness with our whole selves, with each other, our communities, its systems, the natural world, and the energy and divine of our universe at large.
Everything is interrelated. Understanding and studying these themes of connectedness can help us better understand our place in the larger picture and what part we play in sculpting this world and the communities we live in.
Growing up traveling annually around parks in the southwestern states, my work is also heavily inspired by the nature and cultures I encountered there and by a fundamental human relationship with the environment, which I seek to re-depict. My work is also very texture based. I find myself continually attracted to patterned papers and old fabrics. I love detail and repetition and the bold intricacy that is created by the interaction of these materials.
Art, for me has always been a form of escape, of creating open spaces and quiet atmospheres, as well as a place for me to recreate and reflect on the things that I find peace in."

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