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"The reality of tree trunks"

A poem by Kristina Simes

The way 
the sun bows to the trees 
in the morning light
slays me.

Stops my heart, full force.

As though I had never known a human love:
whisper, touch,
(elbow, hand, cheek)
the wild, erratic murmur of
my own

Maybe I need no lover but the sea—
that solitary black thing,
big enough to swallow me whole.

Perhaps the glance of a falling sunbeam
is heavier than the warmth of your hand.

And the oak trees that sing me home
in the afternoon, in the cold,
grasp and seize me—
they dazzle my path with the remains of their
scattered fragile wintered leaves.
Branches extending,
beckoning to me,
as the sun floods into the negative space
of their bare arms.

I do not know a love song that is true.
Or that has lasted for eternity.
But I know many trees through and through.
Trees last much longer than one hand in mine,
and constancy equals more than passion,
though I have only just come to this.

I dream of shoulders,
and the space they carve.
One shoulder, that I might dive into,
Nose, chin, all.

But I am content to settle for the reality of tree trunks,
vagabond sunbeams,
passing fleets of sparrows—
graceful and certain.

My love will have to come to me
not in shoulders but in wide open space.
Too big to be named,
too wild to be tamed,
too everlasting to be afraid of.


A Drawing a Day

Last chance to see my work!

  Pieces come down this week!

Today in the Garden

We took the kids to the greenhouse this weekend to start our vegetables :)
your chickens will hide their eggs.
A whole lot of them!
We also finally put the tarp back on the hoop house. I checked it yesterday morning. It was 80 degrees!


The Hands and the Harvest

  A drawing a day is not easy.


Blustery Evening and a Joyful Morning

  It was a blustery rainy evening yesterday, but no amount of gray could get the environmental community in Chicago down. Yesterday morning the Chicago Clean Power Coalition announced a huge victory. As of 2014 the two Chicago Coal plants will be closed.  Read more here!!