Salad Season (Today in the Garden)

Our beautiful spinach.

 (From top to bottom) Bolted spinach, mustard greens, arugula.


Plays on Light

  Some long days still have peaceful evenings.



This Easter we had a feast. On Saturday a group of lovely people from around Chicago helped us take over the industrial kitchen at the church and we cooked for about 800 people! Salads, spinach pies, beans and rice, fruit tarts, burritos... It was amazing! Here is a picture of some of the food that was donated. SO MUCH. The food was taken down town to serve the Occupy "Chicago Spring" folk :)

Burrito line!
Coleslaw :)

Happy Easter!


A Purple Cabbage Afternoon

  Taking a day off is a nice feeling :) Here is a scarf I dyed this weekend with some purple cabbage and a few black walnut husks.